Our Present

Durham is a creative, innovative community that is always doing something new.

It occupies a prime location in the heart of North Carolina and is a nexus for learning, creativity, research, and industry. How did we get here? Durham is a place brimming with opportunity for all. Ideas are met with energy, challenges with ingenuity, and creation with participation. Durham is diverse and accepting. It is entrepreneurial and creative. Durham is a place where you can be yourself, whether you’ve lived here your whole life, are a newcomer, or just visiting for the weekend. Durham 150 invites you to experience Durham’s community and spirit.


What We’re Up To

Perhaps you’ve heard about Durham’s food scene, top-notch universities, or startup culture. Maybe you’ve heard that we transcend category –that there’s just something about this place; something intangible, but incredibly alluring.

We are that and more.

We are a proud, gritty tobacco-grown town with international corporations and world-class talent. We’re barbecue and biscuits; locally-sourced small plates and craft cocktails. We’re activists, scholars, artists, and entrepreneurs. We’re always moving, creating, and blazing a new trail. We’re a beacon of the South built on innovation and regeneration that is poised to take the bull by its horns and thrive for the next 150 years.

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Durham, we’re honoring the changemakers who shaped Durham’s unique sense of place, and we’re rightfully touting Durham’s position for the future. We’re going to celebrate, but we’re also going to have an honest look at our past and put in the work for a more equitable future. Durham 150 will highlight four themes throughout the year (History & Education, Arts & Leisure, Social Equity & Robust Democracy, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship) to acknowledge and celebrate the pillars of our past and present community. Read on to find what’s happening.

History &

How We Got Here

Durham is rich in history –it’s been the site of pivotal events long before it was a place on the map. This year, we celebrate the trailblazers,as well as our academic institutions that have helped make Durham one of the most educated cities in America.

Arts &

Bull City Culture

Durham’s home to the largest performing arts venue in the state, as well as venues and galleries of all shapes and sizes to support a thriving arts scene. Our food, drink, and entertainment options have also rightfully earned national recognition and accolades.

Social Equity &
Robust Democracy

Get Involved

We’re going to have constructive conversations as we engage different groups, come together,and learn from one another throughout the year. We want to talk about our entire history to learn how to nurture a better community for tomorrow.

Innovation &

From Tobacco to Tech

From its beginnings in tobacco and textiles to Black Wall Street and the Research Triangle Park, Durham is a community of entrepreneurs who value creative ideas, bringing talented people together to answer ‘What if?’

Durham 150

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