Tapestry Tours by Brown Hat Tours

Durham 150 Grantee

Experience the interwoven elements that make Durham amazing.


I’m just a humble tour guide
With a propensity for rhymes
My ideas to use my poems
To teach about our town and our times

To me, this town’s a tapestry
Of colorful, mismatched threads
That somehow come together
In a way that makes sense in our heads

Some of these threads are obvious
Sticky brown for tobacco; Duke’s royal blue
Light-bulb yellow for innovation
Jet black for civil rights, too.

Others are not so apparent
But of no less important hue
Like the white-hot glare of stage lights
Or pink, for LGBTQ

Pebbled orange leather for basketball
Would have to be on the list
The green of credit unions capital
Is a color that ought not to be missed.

A red tassel for NC Central
Beacon of hope for generations
Ultraviolet light to kill off staph
One of Duke Health’s many innovations

The stately gray of St. Joseph’s veve
The shiny gold of a bluesman’s sax
Red-clay dirt of a piedmont farm
Bronze strings of a picker’s axe

Why not a rainbow flag of activists
Who protested in our streets?
Or the leafy green paths of Duke Forest
One of our many recreational treats?

I’ll weave these into walking tours
With each, a poetic thread or three
I’ll do ’em live, Fridays at 5
For anyone who shows up, they’re free.

We’d set up a regular schedule
Spring and Fall makes most sense to me
Six walking tours, with a dozen or more poems
The grant’s ‘cuz I don’t work for free.

Tapestry Tours — FREE walking tours of downtown Durham, featuring poetic presentations about the many “threads” of Durham’s Diversity:
April 26, 5pm
May 10, 5pm
May 24, 5pm

Each tour begins and ends at the Bull on CCB Plaza, opposite the Unscripted Hotel. Tour will last about an hour, with light walking and laughter.

Fridays April through November

Please visit Brown Hat Tours‘ website for an up-to-date list of the walking tours


Apr 26 2019


5:00 pm


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