ReCity “We Believe in Durham” Mural Project

Durham 150 Grantee

ReCity Network is working to execute a mural project in the lounge of our downtown workspace. As a non-profit organization, ReCity exists to build capacity for non-profits and mission-driven businesses by providing shared space to almost 100 local leaders from over 40 organizations.

The completed mural project will feature the phrase “We Believe in Durham” in our main lounge space. This mural will be complementary to the colorful Durham skyline mural also present in the main lounge. Both mural pieces send a strong sense of rootedness in the well-being of Durham. The mural will partially cover the wall in our lounge and will be painted with whiteboard paint. In order to prepare the wall, it must be sanded so the paint can adhere.

To finish the project, the “We Believe in Durham” text will be drawn directly on the wall using whiteboard markers. Additionally, this initiative will activate volunteers through F3, a local group dedicated to invigorating male community leadership.

This mantra of ReCity will serve as a “thesis statement” that welcomes not only our partners, but their clients to the building. We view access to a dignifying, welcoming space as a requirement for anyone that comes into our space. This is especially true of folks that need to access essential services related to housing, food insecurity, securing a job with a livable wage, and more. These are just some of the services our partners tirelessly work to provide each day. ReCity is deeply committed to building thriving communities, rooted in justice. This project will frame our space as one that fosters innovation and collaboration between community leaders on complex issues. Each person in this building is personally invested in seeing a Durham that represents and roots for all of our communities.


May 01 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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