Durham Black Business Success

Durham 150 Grantee

Durham’s black community has been hailed for excellence for over 100 years, earning a “black wall street” award. learn about this dynamic journey as we celebrate business success. Durham is called a “magic” city with a proud history of racial cooperation.

This event highlights business development in the Hayti, west Durham, North Durham, downtown and Walltown business districts. Know the proud history of building community with schools, library, hospital, recreation centers and over 750 black owned businesses between 1887 and 1950. we will honor businesses from this era that still serve our community.

Visit and watch “Negro Durham Marches On,” see poster displays, meet honorees and talk with local historians. So much to see and learn.

Sponsored by the Durham Business and Professional Chain.



Oct 12 2019


12:00 pm


Phoenix Event Center
Durham, NC 27707

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