Dance Durham Dance

Imagine the historic Hayti community during a time when 600 businesses and homes adorned the Fayetteville street corridor, over to Pettigrew and Parrish streets. socially, venues such as the Royal Ice Cream Parlor and Biltmore hotel dotted the landscape.

There were juke joints from which poured music from local artists and from the noted performers who passed through Durham headed south. In Dance Durham Dance, live jazz and R&B music will provide a backdrop for the lindy hop, line dance, the twist and the slow drag were some of the popular dances prominent in the Durham social scene.

Our community room and gallery will be transformed to that time, and patrons will “dance the night away” as the emcee takes us back to a time that was transformational in Durham’s history. The period on which dance Durham Dance is the 1950’s through 1980’s and other spaces in the facility will feature tap, African dance, modern dance and south american movements that were a part of the Durham arts and leisure scene. Each category will feature music or visual art to accompany the dance sets, presented simultaneously so that patrons can move from room to room, dance moves to dance moves, while enjoying art and stepping into the past as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Durham.

Food and beverages will be available, all in keeping with the theme of Dance Durham Dance.


Oct 16 2019




St. Joseph's Historic Foundation/Hayti Heritage Center
804 Old Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27701


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