ConnectEd Youth Conference

Durham 150 Grantee

The ConnectEd Youth Conference is specifically designed to create space for students who face systemic barriers to engage with Durham’s most vibrant professional spaces and faces, and create new horizons of imagination for how youth, and especially youth who face systemic risk factors, fit into Durham’s innovative future over the next decade.

This goal aligns well with two of Durham 150’s goals: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Social Equity and Robust Democracy.

For some of the students attending this conference, the very chance to participate in a professional space like the Durham Convention Center, receive the resources that will be presented, and network with the professionals that will be present will be a form of social equity that is not accessible by default to every youth in Durham.

Additionally, students attending the conference will be in direct contact with a diverse variety of Durham business leaders and entrepreneurs, and have the chance to imagine and plan how to join with them in innovative new work in Durham’s future.

Registration is closed. Please visit their site for more information.


Jun 20 2019 - Jun 21 2019


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