From Tobacco to Tech

Since its inception, Durham has served as a hub for innovation. From Tobacco, to education, healthcare and technology, the people of Durham are used to meeting challenges and building creative solutions to overcome them. The circuit and leaf are icons that represent these icons. They represent the collision of innovation, technology and our history. The leaf serves multiple purposes. Aside from being symbolic of our tobacco “roots,” it’s also a symbol of hope in some faiths. In others, it serves as a symbol of value or abundance (to be fruitful). The circle is a symbol for totality, a cycle or timelessness. These first 150 years are just the beginning and in that amount of time, our people have written books, created art, exchanged knowledge and above all, changed the world. These 150 years are only one cycle and it’s exciting to imagine, build and “plant seeds” for Durham’s future.

It Belongs to Durham

Colors are tools for communication. Throughout our city, our brands have adopted their own colors. We have developed this as an identity that can be flexible to allow changes in color. Here are examples of the logo using North Carolina Central University’s maroon and Duke University’s blue.

Interested in using the Durham 150 and incorporating your colors? Email Gineen Cargo (, Durham 150’s project manager, for more information.