About Durham 150

To celebrate Durham, NC’s 150th anniversary is to rightfully honor the changemakers who shaped Durham’s unique sense of place. It’s to rightfully tout Durham’s position for the future. It is a chance to rally proud Durhamites, mobilize partners, and invite the world to experience all that we know the Bull City offers.

Durham’s sesquicentennial, a yearlong celebration of the City of Durham’s 150th anniversary of incorporation in 2019, encourages Durhamites and visitors to explore themes of history and education, innovation and entrepreneurship, social equity and robust democracy, and arts and leisure.


The mission of Durham’s sesquicentennial is to recognize Durham’s past, present, and future with a year of events, activities, and community engagement, to build awareness and anticipation both locally and nationally for Durham’s rich history and highly promising future, and to celebrate the community’s spirit, values, and accomplishments.


Durham’s sesquicentennial will attract, welcome, educate, and benefit long-time residents and newcomers, visitors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and potential investors.

By encouraging reflection, education, and exploration of complex social issues, the yearlong event will focus on ideals of inclusiveness and shared prosperity, helping us thrive as a dynamic community into the next century.